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The magnetic mattresses supplied by us are of the finest quality. Each mattress pad has the optimum number of magnets so that comfort is not compromised. These mattress pads are constructed using the latest technology, while still being far cheaper than our closest competitor in comparison of magnetic mattress pads of equal quality. The comfort of our magnetic mattress pads is increased by the fact that they are better padded than the mattress pads of our competitors.

The magnetic mattress pads are created to provide you with the perfect magnetized sleeping surface. This is done by embedding the magnets in soft corrugated finger-foam, which is approved for use in hospitals. The mattress pad is quilted in damask fabric to give it a luxurious finish. The magnets used in our magnetic mattress pads are rated between 3950 gauss and 4250 gauss, which are set out in a balanced pattern to ensure minimum field fluctuation. The magnets are over 3 times more powerful than those used in the magnetic mattress pads of our nearest competitor. The mattress pad is sized so that is ends 1 inch inside the edge of the bed so that your current linen will fit over it perfectly.
Magnetic mattress pads are utilized by people the world. Magnets in the magnetic mattress pads perform magnetic therapy on your body as you sleep.

Standard Foam Magnetic Mattress & Pillow Pads
Mega Foam High Mass Magnetic Mattress & Pillow Pads
Superior Visco Memory Foam Magnetic Mattress Pads

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