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Thank you so much for your help and for assisting me in purchasing the ionizer.
I am looking into everything you mentioned.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays,

1) Dr. med. Elisabeth Neusser: 1100 Wien, Selma Lagerlöf Gasse 19

(Director of the Study "Electrosmog in private households 1997 – 1999")

"As a general medical practioner I call for more safety, greater protection for public health even below the official intervention level! I personally use and recommend the WELLNESS BED SHIELD "cosmoVITAL®" to sleep naturally and away from currents and stress! Recommandation for many patients, here are parts of three letters!"

a) Karoline Unger: 1100 Wien, Tegnergasse 86
I am 86 years old and in the morning I am suffering from very heavy tiredness and inner coldness. My weak heart does not endure many medicaments and so my doctor recommended me to try the "cosmovital" bed shield. I could not believe it, after the third night it was much better in the morning. I am not like twenty but more energy and first of all: not as tired as before! I am really happy about this mattress cover!

b) Hannelore Grundwalt: 1030 Wien, Grassbergerg. 4/13/5
I am living in an apartment in which my predecessor died of cancer and I am suffering of nervousness, headache and depressions. Medicaments helped only a short time. I did not know what to do, because I don’t want to change my partment. And as my doctor said: lets try "cosmovital" I was not very happy to have a strange mattress cover in my bed. But after one week I began to like it and today I never would sleep without it! Thank you "Cosmovital"!

c) Johannes Koss, 1100 Wien, Sanzingasse 4
Since many years I am suffering of backache and for that I cannot sleep through the whole night! My muscles are very cramped. I tried many drugs but not one could help, on the contrary, it was much worse. From a patient in the waitingroom of the doctor I heard about "cosmovital". I was curious to hear from the doctor if it could help also me. The doctor said: You can try it and now I try it more than one year: My backache is much better and again I can sleep through almost every night!

2) Dr. med. Rudolf Schuster: 2641 Schottwien 12

"I took part on the Study "Electrosmog in private households 1997 – 1999) in which also had been examined the effectiveness of the WELLNESS BED SHIELD "cosmoVITAL" Many problems of health are coming from a bedplace which is contaminated by "Electrosmog". In such cases I can recommend the mattress-cover "Cosmovital" very well!" a) Leopold Scheder: 2630 Ternitz, Donauland 10/43
Since may years I had problems to fall asleep, I could not relax to and come to peace. Sometime I tried some drugs, but after ending the drugs it was like before. My doctor said I should try a special fabrice which can reduce electrical fields. I was very sceptical, but I did this "Cosmovital" in my bed and really after the third night till today (since 3 years) it is much better. I can really relax and fall asleep! Thank you very much!

b) Johanna Graf : 1230 Wien, Rudolf Zeller Gasse 50-52/8/10
My job is very hard and I have very much stress in work, so I can also not really switch off during the nighttime. I do not take medicaments, this is my conviction, so I tried some teas and other healthy drinks, but it did not help. So I was very curious about the "cosmovital.-bedmat from which my doctor spoke about. Now I have it two years and it is much better and also I have more power in the work! I am very happy about "cosmovital"

c) Franz Beck: 1140 Wien, Waidhausenstr. 28
Since two years I am retired and I cannot forget my job and I could not sleep as well as before. Nearby there was installed a mobilphone tower (since 5 months) Since this time it was much worse an I spoke with my doctor and he said I should try this "Cosmovital" fabrice for the bed. And it was a like a miracle, after 7 – 8 nights I can really relax and sleep much better than ever before.

3) Dr. med. Thomas Freyschlag: 1110 Wien, Kopalgasse 55/11/1

"I took part on the empiric study "Electrosmog in private households 1997 – 1999) Several patients I announced to the Austrian Institute of Environment-Biology to let check their bedplaces concerning electromagnetic fields in the bedroom. The WELLNESS BED-SHIELD "cosmovital" can reduce Electrosmog and for that this product is very usefully!"

a) Margarete Gattinger: 1160 Wien, Seitenbergg. 6/9/9
Please we need two "Cosmovital" pads more for our weekendhouse, we are very content with them. Better sleep, no more restless legs and much more power and energy in the morning. Thanks to the people they had developed this wonderful product!

b) Erwin Kornthal: 1210 Wien, Siemensstr. 119/18
My daughter is now ten years old and awaked many times in the night and said: "Papa, I cannot sleep!" We did not know what to do, because may wife said: no drugs for the child! What should we do and first, what was the reason for that? We spoke with many people and they referred about problems with electrosmog in the walls of houses (electrical system) And as our doctor suggested to let check the bedplace, we tried the "cosmovital" bed mat with "mixed emotions". But really after two (!) nights it was much better and till today the problem is gone! Our daughter sleeps all the night! The people should know more about the danger of electrosmog which grows every day!

c) Jutta Unger: 1100 Wien, Bleigasse 29/5
I am working in the night as a waitress and I can sleep only during the day and in the last 6 months I had very much problems to fall to sleep. My grandmother said, these are the geopathic fields under my house. I tried many drugs, sometimes it was better, but I cannot take drugs all my life: My doctor recommended me to the Austrian Institute of Environment Biology to check my bedplace! They found a high level of electromagnetic fields and so I tried the "Cosmovital" pad. It did not change anything one week long, but after this time till today: I have no sleeping problems at all: I like my "Cosmovital and want never sleep without it!